Watch pending transactions on Ethereum using ethersjs
* script.js
const ethers = require('ethers');

const apiKey = { projectId: process.env.INFRA_PROJECT_ID };
const provider = new ethers.providers.InfuraWebSocketProvider('homestead', apiKey);

async function main() {
.on('pending', pendingTransaction=> {
console.log(`new pending transaction received. ${pendingTransaction}`);
// do whatever you like.
.catch(err => {


  1. Node.js Environment
  2. following dependencies
    a. ethersjs
    b. dotenv
  3. Infra Account & your Infra project ID


// create your own project directory
$ mkdir yourproject
// initialize npm and install dependencies
$ npm init -y && npm install ethers dotenv
// create your own javascript file and paste the snippet above
$ touch script.js
// create .env file and paste your infra project id as INFRA_PROJECT_ID
$ touch .env



interested in crypto and art

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Hiroyuki Tachibana

Hiroyuki Tachibana

interested in crypto and art

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